A term in Rhode Island

Deciding to study abroad is an important decision. It is a great commitment and it can mean making alternative accommodation arrangements, and completing paperwork (lots of paperwork!) The process Student in Washingtoncan get stressful and is a great deal of work. However, I can genuinely say that it is all completely worth it. Deciding to spend a semester (two British university terms) in the USA at the University of Rhode Island was the best decision I have ever made. I had an opportunity to live in a different county and experience a different culture. I made fantastic friends from all over the world.

Rhode Island is a beautiful area of the States. It is within easy reach of Boston and the rest of New England. The university itself is fairly small and extremely friendly. There are opportunities to immerse yourself in the American college culture by following the basketball and football teams, who each have their own stadium! The university makes a real effort to welcome exchange students and make you feel a valuable member of the community. Affordable transport made it easy for me to visit New York City, Washington DC and Virginia. With easy access to buses, airports and trains, you can make your way across the country during the holidays if you so wish. Studying abroad in the US is a very affordable way to get to know the country.

I would recommend studying abroad, particularly at the University of Rhode Island, to anyone. My only regret is that I was not able to stay in Rhode Island longer.

Thomas Kennedy, BA Politics & International Relations

University of Rhode Island (USA)

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