A term abroad...

I was nervous that either I wasn't good enough to get in, or I wouldn't be able to cope with being away from what I knew for so long. I'm so glad I went for it, as studying in America really waStudent In Philadelphias an amazing experience, propelling me in not only my studies but my future ambitions also.

The University of Rhode Island was very welcoming - especially the Study Abroad Mentors and Staff who were always ensuring we were having nothing less than a fantastic time. The classes were very different to the ones at Reading in that they teach you topics instead of having studio practice, which was extremely beneficial as I was able to learn different skills that I can now apply to my Art Practice here at Reading Art Department.

The study abroad experience gave me so many opportunities that I would not have been able to achieve in England - such as screening my film in a cinema in Boston, and getting special behind-the-scenes tours of art galleries in Rhode Island. Every weekend would be another opportunity for adventures and I ended up visiting 8 states in total. It was fascinating to see how varied each state is.

Our living accommodation was a mix of American students and Study Abroad students, meaning I got to make friends with people from all over the world. An English accent works a charm on Americans, and is a brilliant conversation starter, which made making friends in class, on adventures, in halls or even making friends with shop assistants very easy! Many of whom I still keep in contact with today! I'd always considered myself as a shy person with a lack of confidence, but this experience has proven that not only am I capable of anything I put my mind to, but in fact that I am able to survive away from home and have a lot more self-confidence than I think.

From studying abroad I have not only gained confidence, friends for life, but also amazing stories from all my adventures, a whole new set of study and life skills, American contacts and a life changing experience that I will never forget.

Emma Clarke, BA Art

University of Rhode Island (USA)

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