Uppsala, fika and achieving the dream

I was only seventeen when I decided that I desperately wanted to study and live in a foreign country. Doing Law, UCAS restricted me on which universities I could go to in order to achieve my dream. But luckily, there came along Reading, standing out offering me exactly what I wanted.

Three years later, thereReading student living at Uppsala University I was, in Sweden. Stepping off the plane into a different country may initially seem a daunting prospect, but surely life is all about testing yourself? My year included immersing myself into the Swedish culture, which meant constantly having fika (for those who do not know, this means eating as much cake as possible, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and having a general chat with your friends), understanding the foundations of my new university and of course, finding friends from across the globe who now offer me free accommodation in their home countries.

Living abroad is something to which nothing can compare. Once a graduate, living abroad may prove difficult sorting out visas, accommodation and meeting new people. So why not do it as a student? Both universities aided me sort it out, ensuring your move is as smooth as possible. Uppsala even told me how I should go about setting up a bank account in Sweden!

Yes, there will be times where you wonder what on earth you are doing and you may miss friends and family, but this worry and sadness will easily be overcome. I ended up more upset having to leave Sweden than leaving England in the first place.

The benefits you experience are far greater than any hindrance you will encounter. I cannot support ERASMUS enough, I had a wonderful time and only wish I could have been abroad longer!

Rebecca Kittson, LLB with Legal Studies in Europe

Uppsala Universitet (Sweden)

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