My time at UGA

Before I had even thought about applying to University, let alone attending the University of Reading, I knew very early on through my latter secondary education that I wanted to take the opportunity to study abroad in theUGA_Adam Stead United States of America. The major deciding factor in my choice to study at Reading was the chance given to study abroad, particularly in the USA.

I chose my exchange placement in the Deep South of the US, at the University of Georgia. I was incredibly fortunate to be able to participate in two metal working classes. I learnt some hugely valuable techniques in metal working including MIG, ARC and GAS welding alongside the exciting and technically challenging elements of sand/investment moulding and pouring molten metal, specifically bronze.

My free time at UGA was limited by the intensity of my classes but I made sure that I made time to travel and experience Southern hospitality and culture. One of the most notable visits was to a plantation house in South Carolina on a weekend trip to Charleston. When I did not travel there was always, religiously it seemed, a Georgia football game whereby the entire campus is literally taken over by fans from across the state to support their most sacred of BullDawg and Southern Traditions.

Thanksgiving was incredibly insightful as I spent the first half of the week in New York City where I was able to see all the usual sights as well as importantly taking the opportunity to visit the world famous 'Museum of Modern Art', along with new attractions such as 'The High Line' walk. Following this I was immersed in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner of 3x 15lb turkeys deep-fried in peanut oil surrounded by all the typical southern traditional trimmings. I decided to later make full use of my time abroad on the North American continent by spending Christmas in Canada with my Canadian Uncle, Aunt and Cousins as well as attending a family wedding.

Adam Stead, BA Fine Art

University of Georgia (Athens, USA)


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