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I studied film and theatre at Reading University and being so close to New York gave me a wonderful opportunity to experience lots of theatre.

Tstuprof-roebucknycityravelling was an integral part of my study abroad experience and indeed much of Annual Fund Study Abroad bursary I received was spend on copious New Jersey transit trips to take in the sights and sounds of New York City. Whether it be taking part in the city's hallowe'en parade as Indiana Jones or simply to sample the street music of Washington square a trip to "the city" was worth the train fare every time.

Throughout thanksgiving break my roommate ( a fellow study abroad student from Paris) and I took the decision to "greyhound it" across America. Amongst visiting Montreal, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Boston I got invited to a thanksgiving dinner on a farm in Sandusky, Ohio. This "turkey day" festivity is unique in American culture and I consider myself lucky to have the money from the study abroad team to take an eight hour bus from New York City to Cleveland. What's more, I have even more to owe to the study abroad team, as I met the person from Ohio here at the University when he studied abroad at Reading.

I always look back at my time studying abroad with incredible fondness and pride. For anyone considering the opportunity I would say. If you are adaptable, curious and have a sense for adventure then this is definitely the opportunity you must grab with both hands.

Michael Roebuck, BA Film & Theatre

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey (USA)

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