One of the many reasons I chose Reading...

history study abroad @ ottawaOne of the many reasons I chose to study History at Reading was the fact that I would be given the opportunity to study abroad during my second year.

Having gone through the application process during the spring term of Part One, I was delighted to find out that I had been offered a place at the University of Ottawa in Canada, along with two other students from the History Department.

It was incredible to spend the semester in Canada's capital city, and although our time was filled with lectures, essays, midterms and final examinations, there was still time for making the most of our time abroad. This included travelling to New York, Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Chicago, and taking part in activities such as whale watching, seeing games of ice hockey, and skiing.

The absence of compulsory modules at uOttawa also meant that we could freely select from a wide range of topics, and took classes covering, among others, the Holocaust, Quebec in the nineteenth century, the East India Company, British colonialism in North America, and the West African slave trade.

Studying abroad is something that I would strongly recommend to anyone who is looking to further their university experience.

Harry Johnson, BA History

University of Ottawa

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