Canada - it's worth it!

Canada has been an extraordinary experience for me! Going abroad, you get to see how life is in another country, how other universities work and above all you get to meet amazing people from all over the stuprof-daphnechristophidesottawaworld. It can be challenging for some to adapt to a new environment, but it's worth it all the way. You become more independent by going some place foreign, you do things you didn't include in your usual routine back home, and of courseā€¦ you travel!! It's not only about going to the specific city that you will study, but all the other places you will visit whilst being there. I was studying in Ottawa, and I visited Quebec city, Tadoussac (a small village), Montreal, Toronto, Niagara Falls and New York! It was great!

Don't worry about the university work, as long as you inform whoever you should that you will do a term away, you can sort out dissertations and the workload translated back to the university. Housing you can also sort out when you get there, so don't stress about that either.

Personally, I would encourage everyone to do as much time abroad as possible. I could only do a term away and it was enough time to do a lot but not nearly as much as I would have liked to have done. I must warn you, it will be awful leaving the place, especially after all the friends you will make there, but it will still be so worth it!

What more could you want??????

Daphne Christofides, BSc Psychology

University of Ottawa (Canada)

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