I will never forget Monash

I was so happy that I was able to take part in the Study Abroad program at Reading as it opened so many doors to travel, meeting new people and getting the chance to study in one of Australia's top 8 universities. The whole experience is something I will never forget. Being an international student meant I stuprof-dmuntonmonashwas able to make friends from all over the world; America, Malaysia, Europe, Mauritius, Australia, Canada, and I will have great fun visiting them in the future! Being on the other side of the world also meant I was able to go travelling all around Asia and visit places I never expected to go. I was able to volunteer in Thailand and really get immersed in the Thai culture, and then go on to visit places like Vietnam, Singapore and all over Australia.

The bursary I received from the Annual fund paid for my flight to Australia and back, so a pretty crucial part of my trip! Without that extra money it would have been an extra strain on my funds and would have meant that I probably wouldn't have been able to travel for as long as I did once I finished my studies.

I have so many good memories from my time studying abroad, and would seriously recommend it to anyone thinking of doing it. I will miss the friends I made so much and was so sad for the whole experience to be over, if I could do it again I would!

Diane Munton, BA History

Monash University (Australia)

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