There was never a dull day!

The opportunity to study abroad was one of the major reasons I chose to do my History degree at Reading University. Studying abroad at Monash University helpedMaya Badham - Monash me progress with my degree and my career. I was lucky that I managed to balance studying, working and travelling really well and this is reflected in my results which were really high. Studying at Monash was extremely challenging as, like Reading, they demand high involvement from you and expect the best that you can give. Living at the University really helped me adjust to life in Australia as I made friends immediately and was welcomed with open arms into the Halls community. There was always something on at Monash, whether it be a petting zoo, Oktoberfest or a Masquerade ball! There was never a dull day!

Australia is one of the most multicultural societies in the entire world and I absolutely loved making friends with people from every corner of the globe and also participating in festivals such as the Hindu festival of Diwali and a Chinese food festival. Whilst studying in Australia I had the amazing opportunity to travel this versatile country and I also got the chance to visit New Zealand. I started with Victoria, the state where Monash is situated. Melbourne is, without doubt, the best city I have ever lived in. It has so much to offer! I was there 6 months and still had not seen everything! From underground Jazz clubs to café's dedicated entirely to chocolate, from the museum to the National Gallery, from the Botanical Gardens to the War Monument you will never tire of this awesome city that offers something for everyone!

The state of Victoria is also something special. Though not the warmest place in Australia (in fact it is probably the coldest) you will not even realise you are missing the heat because of the sheer amount of places to visit with their own aura of beauty. I travelled the Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, a tulip festival in Lilydale, St Kilda and many other places. I also went to the Melbourne Cup which is the famous horse racing event which stops the nation and experienced an Australia Rules Football game. I saved most of my travelling until after University as I wanted to really integrate myself in Melbourne and obviously had to study! I also had a job in a 5 star function centre which helped regarding money and making friends. After exams I visited the North Island of New Zealand, a place I have always wanted to go because of my love for JRR Tolkien's trilogy The Lord of The Rings. Back in Australia I travelled from Sydney up to Cape Tribulation in a 3 week expedition having incredible experiences along the way. I skydived in Byron Bay, spent 3 days on a boat and swam with sharks and snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef, went spear fishing with Aboriginals, learnt about Aboriginal culture and saw 5000 year old rock art, walked in the oldest rainforest in the world, learnt to surf, bottle fed a baby kangaroo, visited Fraser Island where I saw wild dingoes, went horse-riding through the bush and rivers, went gold panning and much more!

Maya Badham, BA History with Study Abroad

Monash University (Australia)

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