My semester in the Southern United States

Studying abroad has impacted my life more than I could have imagined. My confidence has grown so much; I met different people nearly every day so socially my skills have improved vastly. I also feel as if I have gained theOle Miss_L Pearce independence that I hoped for. I feel like I have grown up and I am now ready for "the real world." I also found a job prospect out in the States, which involves conducting psychological research. So I am hoping to move out there once I finish my degree.

My classes were very interactive and they often asked me what happens in England so we could compare this to Mississippi. I really enjoyed all my classes; they were different to Reading, as we had 4 exams in one term rather than a cumulative one at the end of the year. This is very different from our system.

After I finished the semester I decided to stay and travel in America, I went to Miami, Orlando (Universal Studios), New York, Chicago, Atlanta and all the Southern states. These were the places I had always wanted to visit and would have not been able to see if I had not studied abroad. I also went to a University trip to the Arkansas River. We went fly-fishing and kayaking, something I never thought I would do. Yet I really enjoyed it!

Lauren Pearce, BSc Psychology

University of Mississippi


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