Archaeology in Sweden...

The initial reason I was keen to study at Lund was my interest in Scandinavian archaeology, and Ithought studying in Scandinavia would enrich my studies in the subject. The second reason was that it offered me an opportunity to push my boundaries. Living in another country, one which I had never stuprof-lisakennardlundvisited and barely no previous knowledge of apart from it's associated with 'nordic noir' crime novels (to clarify, I'm sure most of you are now familiar with Stig Larsson's Millenium Trilogy, the first of them being 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'), was certainly an opportunity not to be missed.

Lund University offered so many excursions and trips within Scandinavia and other countries in Europe, like going to Lapland and touring parts of Russia, but you can also easily book your own trip with friends. I have booked 5 days in Berlin with two of my flat mates in April.

I have noticed the changes. I am much more independent than before and have adapted to Swedish so well that when it reached 10 degress Celcius, I thought it was practically summer. I lived on an international corridor, and I was in classes with international students as well, and so I met and made friends with people from all over the world. But don't worry, they spoke fantastic Englsh, as they want to practice it wherever they can. It also means they can help you out with learning their language too; an invaluable experience you rarely get in the UK.

Lisa Kennard, BA Archaeology

Lund University



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