Enriching experience!

For my study abroad term I travelled to France to study at L'École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Dijon. As an Art and History of Art Undergraduate at Reading, it was an incredible opportunity to make work in such a traditionalHannah Purvey-Tyrer and prestigious Art school. I spent three months working alongside French artist and art students, as well as with other exchange students from around the world.

My time abroad was marked not only by the incredible academic opportunities but more than this, the great wealth of experiences I gained in all aspects of my life. I had heard people say that travel changes your perspective and enriches your experience, but I had not fully understood the meaning of this until I had experienced it myself. Every part of life in a different country teaches you something about yourself and about others and I made lifelong friends, as well as being inspired by passing acquaintances.

I used my spare time in Dijon to travel around France and explore cities such as Paris, Lyon, Beaune and Nancy as a local not a tourist, which gave me an incredible insight and was great fun.

Not only has my experience enriched my artistic work, it has shattered and reformed my ways of thinking and view of the world in ways which I never thought possible. Studying abroad for a few months has given me a treasure trove of experiences and a catalogue of international friends from all over the world. Of course there were difficulties and challenges, but I would face them again a million times. Leaving Dijon was not the end of the experience, but only the beginning of a lifetime adventure and travel.

Hannah Purvey-Tyrer, BA Art and History of Art
L'École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Dijon

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