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You could be eligible...Tuition fees

Students do not pay additional tuition fees to the host institution if studying abroad at a partner institution for which there is a valid exchange agreement in place.

Term / Semester Abroad Fees

If you study abroad for a part of the year (autumn term, or spring & summer term) the full tuition fee is payable to the University of Reading, as normal.

Year Abroad Fees

Some programmes include an optional or compulsory year abroad studying at a host University, working abroad or undertaking a combination of the two. For students going on their year abroad in 2018-19, a discounted fee of 15% of the normal tuition fee (either at Home/EU or at International level) is payable to the University of Reading for the year abroad. No tuition fee is paid to the host University abroad. This applies only to situations where the full year is spent abroad.

Grants and bursaries

There are a range of grant and bursaries potentially available, depending on where you are studying. You might also be eligible to apply for and receive:

Brexit and Erasmus+

At present the UK is currently a Programme Country of the Erasmus+ programme . UK institutions' access to Erasmus+ programme and funding will be decided through the UK government's future negotiations with the EU.

For more information please see the University of Reading's BREXIT Student FAQs page and Erasmus+ funding page.

Additional Funding for Disabled Students

Additional Costs

This depends on country and institution. However you should expect to pay for::

  • Services which you would normally expect to pay for at Reading e.g. housing, food, travel, social activities, JCR (or equivalent) fees etc.

Additional costs might include:

  • Entry / Study  Visa.
  • Small application charge - details will be noted on the partner's website (although this is rare).
  • Insurance: Most non-European universities insist that exchange students take out their mandatory insurance coverage in order to join their Study Abroad Programme - USA in particular. Please make sure you are fully aware of any possible charges when considering possible destinations. Eligible students can submit a claim to Student Finance (via the Student Finance Travel Grant) to retrospectively recoup some / all of the costs incurred for the Mandatory Medical Insurance.
  • Additional small charges not covered by the tuition fee waiver e.g. Art consumables etc.  This should be comparable to what you would expect to study at the University of Reading.

Your host institution will advise you of any additional small charges which are to be levied at the time of application.

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