Students with Disabilities

The University of Reading has a policy of equal access and encourages all students to consider studying abroad. We will work with partner institutions to try to ensure that their Study Abroad Programme is accessible to everyone, where possible.

If interested in studying abroad we recommend that you liaise with your academic department, the Disability Advisory Service and the Erasmus & Study Abroad Office at the earliest opportunity in order that you can gain the support and guidance that you might need in any decision making.  

Erasmus Special Needs Grant for Students

Additional grants are available for students with disabilities wishing to participate in Erasmus+ and where participation would not be possible without extra financial support.

The allowances are offered when special needs lead to additional mobility costs which exceed the maximum grant allocations allowed and which cannot be recovered from other sources. The grant covers approved actual costs.

The special needs grant may be paid in addition to the grant for disadvantaged students undertaking Erasmus study mobility.

Students should apply for the allowance before the start of the mobility. All enquiries should be addressed to the Erasmus & Study Abroad Office ( ) in the first instance, who will work with students and the Disability Advisory Service at the University to complete and submit any application for funds.

Any application must include:

  • A statement from a doctor or other authority confirming the special needs, its severity, the impact on the Erasmus+ mobility, additional requirements and additional costs to be met.
  • A detailed estimate of costs is required.
  • Information on any other sources of financial support that the student receives and why this is insufficient to cover extra costs.

If the application is approved the NA will specify a maximum supplementary allowance. On completion of the Erasmus+ period a final report of expenditure will be required.

If the expenditure is less than the approved maximum a recovery order for the return of such funds will be raised and the difference must be repaid to the Erasmus + National Agency.

Julia Boorman Award

The Award intends to support disabled students from Theatre Arts or History (in the broadest sense) with additional costs associated with undertaking travel abroad in connection with their programme of study.

These costs could include, for example, accommodation, general living or study costs, and fees. It is expected that the majority of applicants will be intending to undertake a course of study or work at an overseas university or organisation, but awards are not restricted to such activity.

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