What can I study?

We offer a broad and diverse range of modules at various levels in many academic disciplines. A full list, including a full description of each module, is available from the Erasmus & Study Abroad module selection pages and ordered by academic school. Information is available about module content, teaching and learning methods, learning outcomes and contact hours.

In order to identify easily the precise level of difficulty and relvelance of each module you can use:

  • Module code
  • Module descriptions

Each module taught at Reading has a unique 6 or 7 digit code e.g. HS3STA.

The first two letters of the module code identify the school / department that teaches the module e.g. HS = History. The first numeral indicates the level of the module, corresponding to the year of the degree programme in which it is taught:

  • 1= First year
  • 2 = Second year
  • 3 = Third year
  • M = Master (postgraduate level - only available for students on postgraduate exchanges)

Please note that a fulltime academic undergraduate workload for a year of study (3 terms) equates to 60 ECTS credits. Therefore the maximum amount of credit that you will be permitted to study will be:

  • 3 term study period = 60 ECTS
  • 2 term study period = 40 ECTS
  • 1 term study period = 20 ECTS

ERASMUS students can only select modules in the academic area noted on the bilateral agreement between our institutions. Students coming to Reading via institution-wide exchange agreements or as fee-paying students can select from all the modules listed.

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