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Politics & International Relations
Modules listed as being taught Autumn Spring Summer are taught once over the three terms and not three times, once in each term. It is not possible to study PO modules in the spring term only if the module started in the autumn.

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Module CodeModule TitleTerms TaughtECTS credits
EC103Economics for Construction & EngineeringSpring 5
EC107Introduction to Economic Institutions and PolicySpring 5
EC110The Economics of Climate ChangeAutumn 5
EC111Economic Policy and Social ProblemsSpring 5
EC113Introductory MicroeconomicsAutumn 10
EC114Introductory MacroeconomicsSpring 10
EC115Introductory Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business 1Autumn 5
EC116Introductory Mathematics for Economics 1Autumn 5
EC118"Economy, Politics and Culture in the Roman World"Autumn 5
EC120Introductory Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business 2 and Study SkillsSpring 5
EC121Introductory Mathematics for Economics 2Spring 5
EC201Intermediate MicroeconomicsAutumn 10
EC202Intermediate MacroeconomicsAutumn 10
EC204Introductory EconometricsAutumn 10
EC205Intermediate EconometricsSpring 10
EC206Intermediate Mathematics for EconomicsSpring 10
EC207Empirical Methods for Economics and Social SciencesAutumn 10
EC208Business EconomicsSpring 10
EC221Economic TheorySpring 10
EC238Economics of Social PolicySpring 10
EC243Economic HistorySpring 10
EC301Advanced MicroeconomicsAutumn 10
EC302Advanced MacroeconomicsSpring 10
EC303Applied EconometricsAutumn 10
EC311International EconomicsSpring 10
EC314Public EconomicsAutumn 10
EC317Urban EconomicsSpring 10
EC318Econometric MethodsSpring 10
EC319Development EconomicsSpring 10
EC320Money and BankingSpring 10
EC322Economics of LabourAutumn 10
EC327Economics of BankingSpring 10
EC337Processes of Long Term Political and Economic ChangeSpring 10
EC343Behavioural EconomicsAutumn 10
EC347Industrial OrganisationAutumn 10
EC348Business HistorySpring 10
PO1BRIBritish SocietyAutumn Spring Summer 10
PO1FREFreedomAutumn Spring 10
PO1ICDIntroduction to Contemporary DemocracyAutumn Spring Summer 10
PO1IPIIntroduction to Political IdeasAutumn Spring Summer 10
PO1IRSPolitics: International Relations and Strategic StudiesAutumn Spring Summer 10
PO2AMGAmerican Government and PoliticsAutumn Spring Summer 10
PO2BGPBritish Government and PoliticsAutumn Spring Summer 10
PO2CGPComparative Government and PoliticsAutumn Spring Summer 10
PO2COSContemporary StrategySpring 10
PO2EPIEuropean Political IntegrationSpring Summer 10
PO2MIRModern International RelationsAutumn Spring Summer 10
PO2NUKThe Politics of Nuclear WeaponsSpring 10
PO2PHCPolitical ClassicsAutumn Spring Summer 10
PO2PWSPolitics of the Welfare StateAutumn 10
PO2THIPolitical ThinkingAutumn Spring 10
PO2WAPWar and Peace Since 1800Autumn 10
PO3BFDBritish Foreign and Defence Policy since 1945Spring 10
PO3CSSIntroduction to Critical Security StudiesAutumn Spring 10
PO3DCWDynamics of Civil WarsAutumn 10
PO3DDPDemocracy and Democracy PromotionAutumn Spring 10
PO3FPTFeminism and Political TheoryAutumn Spring 10
PO3INT"Intelligence, War and International Relations"Autumn Summer 10
PO3IOGInternational Organizations in Global PoliticsSpring 10
PO3IPEInternational Political EconomySpring 10
PO3STHStrategic TheoryAutumn 10
PO3USFUS Foreign and Defence Policy since 1950Autumn Spring 10
PO3WIRWorlding International RelationsSpring 10
PO3WPE"War, Peace and International Ethics"Autumn Spring Summer 10

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