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Module CodeModule TitleTerms TaughtECTS credits
PL2EMExperimental Methods in Language SciencesSpring 5
PY1APApplied PsychologySpring 5
PY1CGCognition and LearningAutumn 5
PY1CLClinical PsychologyAutumn 5
PY1DVDevelopmental PsychologySpring 5
PY1IP1Introduction to Psychology 1Autumn 5
PY1IP2Introduction to Psychology 2Spring 5
PY1PAWPsychology at WorkAutumn 5
PY1SIDSocial Psychology and Individual DifferencesAutumn 5
PY2CN1Cognition 1Autumn Summer 5
PY2CN2Cognition 2Spring Summer 5
PY2PNSPerception and NeuroscienceAutumn Spring Summer 10
PY2PNS1Perception and Neuroscience 1Autumn Summer 5
PY2PNS2Perception and Neuroscience 2Spring Summer 5
PY2PS1Personality & Social Psychology 1Autumn Spring 5
PY2PS2Personality & Social Psychology 2Spring Summer 5
PY2RMSResearch Methods for Visiting StudentsAutumn 5
PY2TA1Typical and Atypical Development 1Autumn Summer 5
PY2TA2Typical and Atypical Development 2Spring Summer 5
PY3ACTAdaptive Control of ThoughtSpring 5
PY3ASCAutism Spectrum ConditionsAutumn 5
PY3AVActive VisionSpring 5
PY3CContemporary IssuesSpring Summer 5
PY3CACognitive neuropsychology of ageingAutumn 5
PY3FPRFace Perception and RecognitionAutumn Summer 5
PY3HACHealth and CognitionAutumn 5
PY3HPHealth PsychologyAutumn 5
PY3LDMBrain Mechanisms of Learning and Decision MakingSpring 5
PY3MS"Memory and the Self: Past, Present and Future"Autumn 5
PY3NFDNeuropsychology of frontostriatal disordersAutumn Summer 5
PY3PEPublic EngagementAutumn 5
PY3RCDReward Dysfunction in Clinical DisordersAutumn 5
PY3SCOSelf ControlAutumn 5
PY3TARTypical and Atypical ReadingAutumn 5
PY3TSPTopics in Social PsychologyAutumn 5
PY3VRBVirtual Reality and the BrainSpring 5
PYM0DPMethods in Developmental PsychologyAutumn 5
PYM0NSMethods in NeuroscienceAutumn 5
PYM2CLClinical neuropsychologySpring 5
PYMPRNPrinciples of NeurobiologySpring 5
PYMTA1Typical and Atypical Development 1 (M Level)Autumn 5
PYMTA2Typical and Atypical Development 2 (M Level)Spring 5
PYMTCNTopics in Cognitive NeuroscienceSpring 5

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