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ERASMUS students can only select and study modules in the School of Law if admitted to Reading through a School of Law owned ERASMUS agreement. ERASMUS students admitted to Reading who are not on a dedicated School of Law owned exchange programme cannot select or study modules in the School of Law.

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Module CodeModule TitleTerms TaughtECTS credits
LW1A05General Introduction to LawAutumn 5
LW1A06Introduction to Business LawSpring 5
LW1CONContractAutumn Spring 10
LW1CRICriminal LawAutumn Spring 10
LW1PL1Public Law 1Autumn Spring 10
LW1SOCLaw & SocietyAutumn 5
LW1TORTortAutumn Spring 10
LW2ETREquity and TrustsAutumn Spring 10
LW2LNDLand LawAutumn Spring 10
LW2PL2Public Law 2Autumn Spring 10
LW3CJCriminal JusticeAutumn Spring 10
LW3COCompany LawAutumn Spring 10
LW3COMCommercial LawAutumn Spring 10
LW3CRYCriminologyAutumn Spring 10
LW3EMPEmployment LawAutumn Spring 10
LW3ENVEnvironmental LawAutumn Spring 10
LW3EQTLaw of Trusts and Principles of EquityAutumn Spring 10
LW3FAMFamily LawAutumn Spring 10
LW3FEUFoundations of EU LawAutumn Spring 10
LW3GALGender and LawAutumn Spring 10
LW3ICRInternational Children's RightsAutumn Spring 10
LW3IHRInternational Human Rights LawAutumn Spring 10
LW3ILInternational LawAutumn Spring 10
LW3IPIntellectual Property LawAutumn Spring 10
LW3JURJurisprudenceAutumn Spring 10
LW3LPLLaw in Philosophy and LiteratureAutumn Spring 10
LW3MEDMedical LawAutumn Spring 10
LW3REVRevenue LawAutumn Spring 10

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