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Module CodeModule TitleTerms TaughtECTS credits
CL1G1Ancient Greek 1Autumn Spring 10
CL1GH"Greek History: war, society, and change in the Archaic Age"Autumn 10
CL1L1Latin 1 (C)Autumn Spring 10
CL1RHRoman History: the rise and fall of the RepublicSpring 10
CL1SOAncient SongSpring 10
CL1TR"Texts, Readers, and Writers"Autumn 10
CL2AEAncient EpicAutumn 10
CL2AGSAncient Greek SculptureAutumn 10
CL2AGWAncient Greek WarfareSpring 5
CL2ANThe Ancient NovelAutumn 5
CL2CGHGreek History: Persian Wars to AlexanderAutumn 10
CL2CLECleopatrasSpring 5
CL2DRAncient DramaSpring 10
CL2EGREgypt and the Greco-Roman WorldSpring 5
CL2G2Ancient Greek 2 (I)Autumn Spring 10
CL2G3Ancient Greek 3 (I)Autumn Spring 10
CL2L2Latin 2 (I)Autumn Spring 10
CL2L3Latin 3 (I)Autumn Spring 10
CL2LANLiterature and Society in Late AntiquitySpring 10
CL2RMERome’s Mediterranean Empire; A World of CitiesSpring 5
CL2RORoman History: From Republic to EmpireSpring 10
CL2SIMy Mother's Sin and other StoriesAutumn 10
CL3AAAnatolia and the Aegean in the Late Bronze Age. The Context for the Trojan WarAutumn 10
CL3AELAncient Egyptian Language & HieroglyphsSpring 10
CL3G4Ancient Greek 4 (H)Autumn Spring 10
CL3G5Ancient Greek 5 (H)Autumn Spring 10
CL3GDGender in Classical AntiquityAutumn 10
CL3L4Latin 4 (H)Autumn Spring 10
CL3L5Latin 5 (H)Autumn Spring 10
CL3NH"History, Culture and Society in the time of Nero"Autumn 10
CL3PCAPioneers of Classical ArchaeologySpring 10
CL3SHMSaints and Holy Men in the Late Antique MediterraneanAutumn 10
CL3THTransformations of HelenSpring 10
CL3ULUrban Life: The Archaeology and Anthropology of Roman CitiesAutumn 10
HS2O10"The Colonial Experience: Africa, 1879 to 1980"Autumn 10
HS2O11Hollywood Histories: Film and the PastAutumn 10
HS2O12"Belief and Unbelief in Europe: Religion, Science and the Supernatural c.1400-1800"Spring 10
HS2O13"The Crusades, 1095-1291"Spring 10
HS2O14Rebel Girls: The Influence of Radical Women 1792-1919Autumn 10
HS2O17Reform and Revolt in the Modern Middle East: Egypt from Ataturk to the ‘Arab Spring’Spring 10
HS2O19Europe in the Twentieth CenturyAutumn 10
HS2O2The American Dream? US History from Colonial times to the late Twentieth CenturySpring 10
HS2O20"Sexual politics: Gender, sex, and feminism in Britain after 1918"Autumn 10
HS2O21Utopia: the Quest for a Perfect WorldAutumn 10
HS2O3"People, power and revolution: political culture in seventeenth-century England"Autumn 10
HS2O4Women and Medieval HistoryAutumn 10
HS2O7"Kingship and Crisis in England, c.1154–1330"Spring 10
HS3T25Medieval Magic and the Origins of the Witch-CrazeSpring 10
HS3T30Ireland and the English in the middle agesAutumn 10
HS3T53Political Extremism in Britain between the WarsAutumn 10
HS3T69"‘Race’, Ethnicity and citizenship in America"Spring 10
HS3T82"Axis at War: Life and Death in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, 1936-45"Spring 10
HS3T98"From Darwin to Death Camps? Evolution and eugenics in European society, 1859-1945"Autumn 10
MSMDI7DissertationAutumn Spring Summer 45
MSMLPMedieval Latin and PalaeographyAutumn Spring 15
MSMLPAMedieval Latin and PalaeographyAutumn Spring 10
MSMRM2Researching the Middle AgesAutumn Spring 10
MSMSD7DissertationAutumn Spring Summer 35
MSMSSAAdvanced Study and Source AnalysisAutumn Spring 15
MSMSTAOption AAutumn 10
MSMSTBOption BSpring 10
MSMSTCOption CSpring 10
PP1ELElementary LogicSummer 5
PP1GJGlobal JusticeAutumn 10
PP1MLThe Meaning of LifeSpring 10
PP1MMMental MachinesSummer 5
PP1RAReason and ArgumentAutumn 10
PP1RGThe Right and the GoodSummer 5
PP1RPRadical PhilosophySpring 10
PP1WRIWriting the Philosophical EssaySummer 5
PP2EA1Ethical Argument 1: Philosophy and How to LiveSpring 10
PP2EA2Ethical Argument 2: Philosophy and How to LiveSummer 5
PP2GP1Global Philosophy 1Autumn 10
PP2GP2Global Philosophy 2Summer 5
PP2HKW1"Hume, Kant, and Wittgenstein 1"Autumn 10
PP2HKW2"Hume, Kant, and Wittgenstein 2"Summer 5
PP2IDR1"Ignorance, Doubt, and Relativism 1"Spring 10
PP2IDR2"Ignorance, Doubt, and Relativism 2"Summer 5
PP2MM1Meaning and the Mind 1Autumn 10
PP2MM2Meaning and the Mind 2Summer 5
PP2OID1"Oppression, Inequality, and the Enemies of Democracy 1"Spring 10
PP2OID2"Oppression, Inequality, and the Enemies of Democracy 2"Summer 5
PP2STRStudy Trip Abroad: Exploring the European City and its PhilosophiesAutumn 10
PP3BESRBusiness Ethics and Social ResponsibilityAutumn 5
PP3COColourSpring 10
PP3IPNIs Philosophy Nonsense?Spring 5
PP3SCFThe Scandal of FilmAutumn 10

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