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Module CodeModule TitleTerms TaughtECTS credits
CH1FC1Fundamental Concepts in Chemistry 1Autumn Summer 5
CH1FC3Molecular Studies for the Life SciencesSpring 5
CH1IN4Inorganic Chemistry for Biological SciencesAutumn Summer 5
CH1MChemistry MAutumn Spring Summer 10
CH1M2Mathematics M2Spring Summer 5
CH1OR2Fundamentals of Organic ChemistryAutumn Summer 5
CH1ORBOrganic Chemistry for BiologistsAutumn Spring Summer 10
CH1PH2Physical Processes for BiologistsSpring Summer 5
CH3I1d and f block chemistryAutumn 5
CH3I2"Clusters, Extended Arrays and Solid-State Chemistry"Spring 5
CH3O1Advanced Organic Chemistry - Synthesis of Complex TargetsAutumn 5
CH3O2Advanced Organic Chemistry - Contemporary Synthetic MethodologySpring 5
CH3P1Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry 1Autumn 5
CH3P2Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry 2Spring 5
CH3PRBSc Chemistry ProjectAutumn Spring Summer 20
CH4O1Advanced Organic Chemistry - Synthesis of Complex Targets (2)Autumn 5
FB1EP2Introduction to Food Processing and EngineeringAutumn Spring Summer 10
FB1MB1Introduction to Food MicrobiologySpring 5
FB1PNIntroduction to Human Physiology and NutritionAutumn Spring 10
FB2CALEnglish for ScienceAutumn Spring 10
FB2EFAFood Processing AAutumn Summer 5
FB2EFPFood ProcessingAutumn Spring Summer 10
FB2EPRProcess Engineering PrinciplesAutumn Spring Summer 10
FB2FC1Food Choice and RegulationSpring 5
FB2FQSFood Quality and Sensory ScienceAutumn 5
FB2GPDBasic Food Product DevelopmentSpring 5
FB2IFCIssues in Food ChoiceSpring 5
FB2MF1Microbiology of food spoilage and preservationAutumn 5
FB2NEDNutritional Epidemiology and Dietary AssessmentAutumn 5
FB2NSNutritional ScienceAutumn Spring 10
FB2PUB2Public Health NutritionSpring 5
FB3GSAConsumer Attitudes to Food QualitySpring 5
PM4APharmaceutical Research and EnquiryAutumn Spring Summer 30

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