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Module CodeModule TitleTerms TaughtECTS credits
AP1A02Introduction to Agricultural and Food SystemsSpring 5
AP1A12Introduction to Crop ProductionSpring 5
AP1A18Digestion and NutritionSpring 5
AP1A24Introduction to Livestock ProductionAutumn 5
AP1AE20Humans and the EnvironmentSpring 5
AP1EE1Economics 2Spring 5
AP1EE3Economics 1Autumn 5
AP1EF1The UK Food ChainAutumn 5
AP1EM1Introduction to MarketingAutumn 5
AP1ID1International Development: Global and Local Issues.Autumn Spring 10
AP1ID2International Development: Global and Local Issues.Autumn 5
AP1ID4"People, Power and Policy in International Development"Spring 5
AP1SB1Introduction to ManagementAutumn 5
AP2A26Forestry and WoodlandsAutumn 5
AP2A35Animal Health and DiseaseSpring 5
AP2A36Animal ProductionSpring 5
AP2A50"Animal Growth, Lactation and Reproduction"Autumn 5
AP2A56Grassland Management & EcologySpring 5
AP2A59Nature ConservationSpring 5
AP2A60Horticultural Crop ProductionSpring 5
AP2A64Farm Business ManagementAutumn Spring 10
AP2A67Animal NutritionAutumn Spring 10
AP2EC1Consumer BehaviourSpring 5
AP2EE4Economics 3Autumn 5
AP2EM1Marketing ManagementSpring 5
AP2EM2Food RetailingAutumn 5
AP2EM4Digital MarketingSpring 5
AP2ID2Approaches to International DevelopmentAutumn Spring 10
AP2SB1Business ManagementAutumn 5
AP2SB2Financial ManagementAutumn 5
AP3A100Equine ScienceAutumn 5
AP3A101Canine and Feline ScienceAutumn 5
AP3A102Principles of Integrated Pest ManagementAutumn Spring 10
AP3A103Horticultural Crop TechnologyAutumn 5
AP3A104Meat Production and QualityAutumn 5
AP3A45Agricultural Systems in the TropicsAutumn 5
AP3A47Cereal Management and MarketingAutumn 5
AP3A54Business Management (Case Studies)Autumn Spring 10
AP3A64Human Resource ManagementSpring 5
AP3A67Animal WelfareAutumn 5
AP3A82Business Planning and ControlAutumn Spring 10
AP3A83Practical Animal NutritionSpring 5
AP3A89"Water, Agriculture and Irrigation"Autumn 5
AP3A90Climate Change and Food SystemsSpring 5
AP3A93Dairy ProductionSpring 5
AP3A99"Plants, greenspace and urban sustainability"Autumn 5
AP3AE70Environmental Management in PracticeSpring 5
AP3AE75Wildlife and FarmingAutumn 5
AP3AE80Ecosystem ServicesSpring 5
AP3EB1Business StrategySpring 5
AP3EB3Supply Chain ManagementSpring 5
AP3EC2Consumer AttitudesAutumn 5
AP3EC3Contemporary Issues in Consumer Behaviour and MarketingSpring 5
AP3EM1Marketing StrategyAutumn 5
AP3EM3Advertising and BrandingAutumn 5
AP3EP1Regulation of the Food IndustrySpring 5
AP3EP4Consumer PolicySpring 5
APMA101Business Planning and ControlAutumn Spring 10
APMA102Ecosystem ServicesSpring 5
APMA103Rethinking Agricultural Development (including Horticulture): Implementing SolutionsAutumn Spring 10
APMA104Principles of Integrated Pest ManagementAutumn Spring 10
APMA105Horticultural Crop TechnologyAutumn 5
APMA41Agriculture in the TropicsAutumn 5
APMA89"Water, Agriculture and Irrigation"Autumn 5
APMA90Climate change and food systemsSpring 5
APMA91Environmental Management: Principles and PracticeAutumn 5
APMA93Experimental AgricultureSpring 5
APMA96"Plants, greenspace and urban sustainability"Autumn 5
APMA98Experimental HorticultureSpring 5
APME29Advanced MarketingAutumn 5
APME40Qualitative Research MethodsAutumn 5
APME59Consumer Behaviour and Food MarketingSpring 5
APME61Appraisal of Agricultural and Rural Development ProjectsSpring 5
APME65Advertising and BrandingAutumn 5
APME66Consumer PolicySpring 5
APME67Food PolicySpring 5
APME72Agricultural Project Planning and Management in Developing CountriesSpring 10
APME75"Energy, Climate Change and Development"Autumn Spring 10
APME76Resource and Environmental Economics.Autumn Spring 10
IDM009Development FinanceAutumn 5
IDM012Gender and DevelopmentAutumn 5
IDM013Participatory interventions in developmentSpring 5
IDM045Principles of Communication Design for DevelopmentAutumn Spring 5
IDM066Communication and Innovation in DevelopmentAutumn 5
IDM077Food Security and DevelopmentAutumn 5
IDM096Addressing Poverty and Inequality through Social Policy.Autumn Spring 10
IDM098Global Issues in Nutrition and HealthSpring 5

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