My time at the University of Reading

I am a French Erasmus student and I study Politics at the University of Reading. I was really looking forward to studying in an English-speaking country to improve my English and I have always been attracted to the British culture.

The Erasmus team at the University of Reading is extremely helpful and sort out a great deal of problems. It is a relief to know that you are not lost in the wild and that some people are here to help you make the first steps in the United Kingdom. I quickly met other French people because, as it turned out, there is a big French community. In the first place I felt reassured, but then I realized that is essential to meet British or other Erasmus students if I really want to improve my English. And that is what happened anyway because the University of Reading is a cosmopolitan place.

The Welcome Week was a real success: I found the time to organize my timetables, locate the buildings but also meet new people and, little by little, get used to this new environment. Every student must understand that being part of a club or society can really help you socialize. It is essential when you are away from home for such a long time. For instance, I applied for being a writer for the University's student newspaper and I was accepted to be one after being interviewed. It is a real pleasure for me as I would like to become a journalist.

The first weeks of classes were sometimes tough because the organization is quite different from that of France: on the one hand there are a lot of readings which one has to get used to, but on the other hand, there is more interaction with the instructor and the other students. I particularly enjoy IWLP classes. I am taking the course German level 4 and I could not be happier with this course because there is a big focus on oral skills, which are my weakest.

The Erasmus society and the association "International focus" organize trips for the students: I took part in the trip to Cardiff and the one to Bath, so I was able to discover these wonderful cities.  

Clotilde Percheminier

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris III, France

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