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There is a wide range of hall-based accommodation options available to students joining the Study Abroad programme.

Download our  Study Abroad Programme Accommodation Guide for more information.

At Reading our halls provide Erasmus & Study Abroad students with a home away from home where you will find yourself part of a supportive community. Each hall has its own distinctive character offering a safe and secure environment in which to study, socialise and relax.

All the Halls of Residence are within close proximity of the Whiteknights Campus and the rent includes utility costs, internet access and insurance which makes budgeting easy.

The benefits of living in Hall accommodation include:

  • Range of accommodation choices to suit your needs: Choose from different room types, catered or self-catered options and residency periods.
  • All inclusive rent: The rent includes all utility bills, internet access, a basic level of contents insurance, maintenance and communal cleaning (including kitchen areas).
  • Safe and secure: The halls have security patrols and CCTV. Each group of halls has a manned reception.
  • Welfare support: A dedicated and experienced team of on-site staff wardens look after all aspects of pastoral care.
  • Free Internet: Internet access to the University network is provided in all rooms
  • 'Halls hotline': Available 24/7, 365 days of the year ensuring any halls-related issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • Community: Communal areas and hall JCR committees help create a sense of community and ensure a friendly and sociable environment - a great place to meet new friends!

NB - Students can apply for a contract based on the period of registration at the University, and if offered a place will not be obligated to sign a 41 week contract if they only are registered to study at Reading for one or two terms.

Catered Accommodation (meals provided)

A meal package is provided for students living in catered halls and this is included in the room price. The package allows meals and snacks to be purchased via a weekly cash allowance which includes a discount on selected main meal prices. The package is flexible so you can decide which meals you would like to purchase. You can also choose to eat your meals at your hall or at selected catering facilities on campus. The meal options offers a well balanced range of meals with vegetarian options at every meal.  For more details about the catering arrangments see the University Catering web page.

The catering package is offered during term time and Welcome Week, with residents using shared kitchens to cater for themselves during the vacations periods.

Self-catered Accommodation (no meals provided)

Self-catering Halls provide kitchen facilities that you share with a number of other Hall residents. Well-equipped kitchen facilities are provided that are shared between residents. One of the main advantages of choosing self-catered accommodation is flexibility, giving you the opportunity to eat what, when and where you like. The self-catered option may be preferred by those with special dietary requirements. The kitchens are equipped with all the essential items such as cooker, fridge, freezer, kettle, microwave and toaster. You only need to bring cutlery, plates, bowls, pots and pans.

The main advantage of self-catering accommodation is flexibility, giving you the opportunity to eat what, when and where you like. Self-catering might be more appropriate for students with medical or religious diets. As a self-catered resident you have the option of loading cash onto your Campus Card. nad you can then use the card to buy meals in some of the restaurants and cafes across the campus. You don't have to worry about carrying cash and can get a discount on many menu items.

Applying for Hall

Details regarding what you need to do in order to apply for a place in hall can be found in the Study Abroad Programme Accommodation Guide .


See the Study Abroad Programme Accommodation Guide for more information.

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