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Redlands Primary School

Redlands  PrimaryWe have been part of the University of Reading Student Tutoring Scheme for the past 3 years. In that time we have hosted over 50 student tutors. We have found the support offered by the students extremely valuable both to the class teacher and to the pupils with whom they have worked. As a school located close to the university, we are perfectly situated for students to be able to come in on a regular basis, and we have been very impressed by the vast majority of volunteers we have hosted.

Redlands is in the heart of a widely diverse community, and we currently have 43 languages spoken in our school. The 1-1 language support provided by some of the student tutors has been particularly helpful, as some children arrive with us unable to speak any English. Being able to communicate with someone in a child's own heritage language helps newcomers to feel more at ease and to settle in to school more quickly.

However, the student tutors offer far more than just 1-1 language support. We have benefited from specific curriculum help in reading, writing, mathematics, science and modern foreign languages. The students have been placed in every year group across the school, so children in all classes have been supported by them at some stage.

Many of our student tutors tell us how much they enjoy volunteering at Redlands. Some who are considering a post-graduate teacher training qualification say that their experience with us has helped them to clarify that decision, whilst others have commented on how much they have learnt and gained on a personal level from their time with us. Working with children is not always easy but it certainly is rewarding and many have requested to return for a second (or even third) year because they feel they benefit so much from it.

All in all, the scheme is clearly a mutually beneficial one for all concerned and we hope that our involvement with it continues for many years to come.

Ms Sarah Bergson






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