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How the 'Students in Schools' scheme works

Typically you will volunteer for about 2 hours a week over a 10 week period to work in a local school (primary, secondary or special school) where you will help support a teacher in a class and subject of your choice. You can be undergraduate or postgraduate and from any academic discipline. You can volunteer to help in mainstream classroom subjects either within your own area of study or in other areas of interest to you such as art, music or sport.

sr_SIS_pic5Overseas students can also choose to offer native language support to children whose first language is not English. Past students have offered valuable 1:1 language support to children in a wide range of languages including Greek, Arabic, Mandarin, Thai, Urdu, Hungarian, Spanish and Romanian.  Last year several Arabic speakers were able to offer support to a group of Syrian refugees.

Many of our students enjoy their experience in school so much that they arrange to stay on beyond the 10 weeks.

At the end of the scheme when you have completed your 10 visits you will qualify for the 'Students in Schools' certificate and your achievement will also be recognised on your degree transcript.

Most students start their volunteering in the Autumn and Spring terms although we do also have a few volunteers starting in the Summer term. We are currently recruiting volunteers for 2018 - 19 and the first volunteers will start in school in mid October.

How To Apply

To enrol on the scheme you will need to complete a 'Students in School' application form and attend a mandatory training course.  The course lasts about 2 hours and will give you an introduction to the scheme and what will be expected of you in the classroom. It will also cover some important things you'll need to know when working with children and teenagers.

Training Dates for 2018 - 19

Wednesday 26 September  2 - - Chancellors G03

Wednesday 3 October  3 - 5 pm - Palmer 102

Wednesday 17 October  2 - 4 pm- Palmer 109

Thursday 18 October 4:30 - 6:30 pm - Palmer 103

Wednesday 28  November 2 - 4pm - Palmer 107

Thursday 29 November 4:30 - 6:30  Carrrington 101

Wednesday 16 January 2 - 4pm - Palmer 107

Thursday 17 January 4:30 - 6:30 pm - Palmer 111

Apply Now and Book a Training Course

If you need to change an existing booking for a training course you can do so here

Change an existing Training Course booking

Returning Volunteers

If you are a returning volunteer you will not need to attend another training course and can attend the priority 'school selection' session on Tuesday 2 October to choose your school.

Details of this event will be sent to you at the start of the autumn term.

DBS checks

All volunteers will need to have a DBS check before starting in schools (formerly a criminal record bureau check)

The Students in Schools department will help you with this process and to submit your application you will need to show us 3 original and valid ID documents.

Any delays in completing your application may result in you losing your place in a school.  We therefore recommend that you read the additional information here to ensure you will have the right forms of ID with you in Reading.

More info on DBS ID Documents


If you are participating in the RED Award then both the 'Students in Schools' training course and your time spent in school will count  towards your award. Please note you will need to login and out of the 'Students in School' register at your school on each visit to ensure we have an accurate record of the hours you have spent in school.

When you have completed the required number of visits will qualify for your 'Students in School' Certificate and your achievement will be recognised on your degree transcript.

More Information

If you have any questions on the scheme or need any more information please email Judy MacDevitt at

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2018 -19 Training Dates

Wed 26 Sep - 2 - 4pm

Wed 3 Oct - 3 - 5pm

Wed 17 Oct - 2 - 4pm

Thur 18 Oct - 4:30 - 6:30pm

Wed 28 Nov -2 - 4pm

Thu 29 Nov - 4:30 - 6:30pm

Wed 16 Jan - 2 - 4pm

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