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February 2014

October 2013

  • Laura Daniels has been invited to speak at the Women's Engineering Society 2013 'Harnessing the Energy' Conference in London on 4th October as an early career engineer about her work in the energy sector. She will be talking about working between academia and industry in the world of 'smart grids'. More information can be found at:

September 2013

  • Laura Daniels will be presenting a poster entitled 'Financial Implications of Running Standby Generators in Support of a Smart Grid' at the CISBAT 2013 conference in Lausanne, Switzerland on 4th September. "Clean Technology for Smart Cities and Buildings" is the topic of the international conference CISBAT to take place in the Swiss lakeside city of Lausanne from 4 to 6 September 2013. The conference will offer a platform for interdisciplinary dialog and presentations of innovative research and development in the field of sustainability in the built environment, covering a wide range of subjects from solar nanotechnologies to the simulation of buildings and urban areas. More information can be found at:

July 2013

  • Laura Daniels will be presenting her work on Demand Side Management as part of the Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments (TSBE) Annual Conference on 2nd July at the University of Reading. The TSBE Centre hosts and participates in a range of events throughout the year. The highlight of the TSBE event calendar is the Annual TSBE Engineering Doctorate Conference. TSBE Engineering Doctorate Conference

May 2013

  • The Centre for the Mathematics of Human Behaviour, University of Reading, hosted the 2nd Low-Voltage Network Workshop at Henley Business School on the 15th May 2013. Dr Ben Potter gave a presentation on issues affecting the use of energy storage in the distribution network.

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Our Recent Blog Posts

SSE Energy Research Lab Mon, 19 May 2014 15:03:41 +0000
  • Is it Practical? Part 2 – Two Research Environments
    When people hear the word research many will first think of universities. But there are many other organisations in the public and private sector that contribute to research and innovation. They present different environments and may operate in different ways. My PhD is taking place between two such worlds: one is here, the Energy Research […]
  • Is it practical? Part 1 – Demand Side Management
    Working in academic research means you are working at the forefront of new technology.  Here in the School of Systems Engineering, we have some exciting research being carried out in the field of smart grid technologies.  Our work with industry means that we are not just asking if it will work but what is practical […]
  • When to boil a kettle and other time of day thoughts
      Have you ever thought about how when you use electricity might impact those people delivering it to you? How about some other questions: do you remember waiting until after 6pm to make off-peak phonecalls?  How about paying for a cinema ticket in the day and being pleasantly surprised at the cost? The concept of […]
  • Smart Grid – How to teach an old dog new tricks!
    Although the ‘smart grid’ means different things to different people, there is the general idea that it all means big change.  But the smart grid isn’t all about brand new technologies.  Managing and storing electricity from the intermittent renewables, our electric vehicles charging in the garage and our incredibly efficient appliances at the other end can […]
  • Best Place to Put a Battery
    Much of our research within our lab has a focus on the low-voltage distribution network, the copper that runs through towns and cities across the UK and delivers energy into businesses and peoples homes. Along with other energy stakeholders talking about the use of energy storage, the distribution network operators (DNOs) are also considering how […]
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