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Bespoke Training

If your company or institute has several staff members with a common training requirement, the SSC can provide a commissioned course, or series of courses, targeted to address specific needs. We can also deliver any of the courses in our annual short course programme for our clients. These courses can take place either at our training centre at the University, or at your preferred location. Course content, pace, timing and duration are determined in discussion with you.

In order to put ideas and methods into a context that is relevant to you, course materials can include examples based on your own data and, if appropriate, practical work can use your software. It is taking this totally flexible approach to training which has made our commissioned courses very popular.

We are able to provide training in a wide range of statistical topics, including methodological and application areas. In addition to the courses mentioned in our annual advertised short course programme, we can devise bespoke training in:

  • Survey methods
  • Environmental and climatic statistics
  • Dealing with data from participatory studies
  • Generalised linear models
  • Non-parametric methods
  • Non-linear modelling
  • Computationally intensive methods.

We can provide an unbiased assessment of a client's training needs, without any obligation to employ us for the subsequent training.

Contact Us

Please give us a call to discuss how we can help you.

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Call us: +44/0 118 378 6408

Tutorials and Workshops

Sometimes your needs, possibly due to budget constraints, might be better addressed through tutorials or workshops, which provide a more personalised and informal training setting. Usually, tutorials are organised for a small group of trainees (between 1 and 6) and offer the opportunity to work on specific topics, or build skills with the help of an experienced statistician. We are always available to provide this type of tutorial-styled training.

Added Value

During our courses we encourage participants to discuss issues of concern with us. We welcome the opportunity for such talk during breaks and at meal times. If required, our consultancy service can provide post-course statistical support.

At Reading our course facilitators and administrative staff are always on hand to provide help on social and non-academic matters.

Teaching Style

Computers are an integral part of our teaching and we place emphasis on understanding methods and interpretation of results, rather than on the mathematics of statistics. Our aim is to provide course participants with a high standard of training in a friendly and relaxed setting.

We use well-known and commonly-used reliable statistical software on all our courses. A choice of software may be available for practical work.

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