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Ever been asked for the margin of error on a percentage? Or if your percentage is different from the benchmark? Or if the percentage of student retention for this year is different from that for last year?

This one-day course provides participants with hands-on experience of analysing their own type of records and confidently interpreting numerical results for reports to committees, or for returns to the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

Presentations, demonstrations and hands-on computer practicals will be based around Microsoft Excel. Formulae are kept to a minimum; instead, we concentrate on results, their interpretation and reporting in plain language.

Who Should Attend?

Administrators in educational establishments working in Policy and Planning units; those involved in interpreting student records and in reporting to committees; anyone involved in producing returns to the HESA - anyone in these positions will benefit greatly from this course.

Participants are assumed to have basic Excel skills such as obtaining totals and percentages.

How You Will Benefit

By the end of the course you will be familiar with basic statistical methods for making sound assessments. You will also be able to appreciate HESA guidelines on the statistical importance of your results. To date, 266 out of 325 attendees (81.8% ± 4.2%) said they would definitely recommend this course.

What Do We Cover?

  • Estimation: standard errors and confidence intervals for percentages
  • Comparing a percentage to a benchmark: one-sample z-test
  • Comparing two percentages: two-sample z-test
  • Comparing more than two percentages: chi-square test.

The course will make use of our Excel add-in SSC-Stat, which provides some statistical features that are not available in standard Excel. The add-in is freely available to course participants.

Available Software

This course has practical exercises written for: Excel

Extra Information

Other Venues: We offer this course both at our training facility at Reading University and at other venues. Please contact us for further details, or if you wish to host this course at your institution

Discounts and Consecutive Courses: This is part of a series of 1-day courses for HE professionals working in administrative, planning and support roles. A discount is available for attending more than one of the following courses in the same week:

Duration at University of Reading at other venues
Any 2 courses
Any 3 courses
All 4 courses

Course Dates

27 March 2017 (at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London)
20 June 2017 (at Cardiff University)
10 July 2017 (at London Metropolitan University, Holloway Campus)
18 September 2017

Duration: 1 day

Price: £320 (at Reading)

Price: £355 (at other venues)

An Academic discount is available for this course

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