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Data Management using CSPro: A Hands-On Approach


CSPro (Census & Survey Processing System) is a public domain software package developed and maintained by the US Census Bureau; see the US Census Bureau's site for more details.

This 6-day workshop goes in detail through the process of designing and implementing a data entry application for a typical survey. Participants will learn how to create the data dictionary, data entry screen and how to program checks and skips. The workshop then considers the data validation tools available including data comparisons and simple frequency tables.

Finally we show how data is stored in the system and how it can easily be exported for transfer to statistics packages such as SAS and STATA as well as to Excel.

The workshop will consist mainly of hands-on computer practical work and short demonstrations. Example surveys will be used but participants are encouraged to bring along any survey questionnaires and data relevant to their own work.

Who Should Attend?

This is an introductory course aimed at researchers, demographers, data managers, and others who wish to use CSPro to implement survey data management systems. No previous experience of CSPro is required but participants are assumed to be comfortable with Windows-based software.

How You Will Benefit

You will gain an understanding of data structures and how to design a suitable data entry application to match different structures. You will also gain core experience with logic programming and an appreciation of the steps involved in ensuring data quality throughout a project.

What Do We Cover?

  • Data Structures and Data Types;
  • The Data Dictionary;
  • Data Entry Screens;
  • Logic programming for automatic skips and checks;
  • Data entry options;
  • CSPro files;
  • Data validation;
  • Dealing with dates;
  • Frequency tables;
  • Exporting data.

Available Software

This course has practical exercises written for: CSPro

Extra Information

The workshop will be run in the SSC's purpose built training rooms at the University of Reading. The cost includes morning and afternoon refreshments and a buffet lunch on each of the course days. Dinner on the first night is also provided. It does not include accommodation or meals over the weekend. The course is scheduled to run for 3 days either side of the weekend which provides a natural break and allows time for participants to assimilate the skills learnt in the first half of the course.

The workshop can be commissioned to run at your own premises using your own training facilities - please contact for further information.

Course Dates

Next run to be announced.

Duration: 6 days

Price: £TBC

No discounts are available for this course

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