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A Review of Basic Statistics


This course builds up the basic ideas of statistics systematically and quickly. It provides a review of the methods of summarising and presenting data, estimation, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. Mathematical details are kept to a minimum.

Much of the course is practical work on PCs using accessible and user-friendly statistical packages such as GenStat, Minitab, R, SAS and Stata. Instat, a package developed by the SSC, can also be used - it is provided free to course participants. Microsoft® Excel® may, too, be used - this requires use of SSC-Stat, our Excel add-in, which is also freely available to course participants.

Who Should Attend?

Scientists and technologists who have had some previous training in, or exposure to, statistics but who now wish to understand basic statistical ideas more thoroughly.

How You Will Benefit

This course provides a practical review of statistical methods. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion with course staff on appropriate methods of analysing data and help will be provided with interpreting results.

What Do We Cover?

  • Descriptive statistics - graphical and numerical summarisation of data
  • Introduction to a statistical package
  • Distributions - binomial and normal
  • Sampling distribution of the mean
  • The t-distribution
  • Confidence intervals
  • Hypothesis testing ideas; single-sample and two-sample problems; t-tests
  • Paired samples - their analysis and importance
  • Estimating and testing for proportions.

Available Software

This course has practical exercises written for: Excel, Genstat, Instat, Minitab, R, SAS, Stata

Extra Information

Follow-on Courses: Regression Analysis - A Hands-on Approach; Introduction to Analysis of Variance (ANOVA); and What Sample Size Do I Need?

Discounts: Additional discounts are available when you book this course together with one of our follow-on courses. See the individual course pages for details.

Course Dates

21 - 22 February 2017
17 - 18 July 2017
25 - 26 September 2017
4 - 5 December 2017

Duration: 2 days

Price: £595

An Academic discount is available for this course

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