Diversity Index Calculator (an add-in for MS-Excel)

Diversity indices are used in the analysis of multi-species ecological data. Several indices have been proposed, each with its own strengths. There are two aspects to diversity: species richness and evenness. Indices are available that measure these two components separately.

A good introductory reference is the book Ecological Diversity and its Measurement (1988) by Anne Magurran. A revised and updated version, entitled Measuring Biological Diversity, was recently published by Blackwell Science.

The SSC's Diversity Add-In for Microsoft® Excel™ contains functions for the most widely-used indices. Once the add-in is loaded, its functions are used in much the same way as Excel's built in-functions.

Get the Diversity Add-In now (zip file, 36KB)

The zip file contains the add-in itself (Diversity.xla), some notes on installing and using it, and an Excel workbook with some examples.

Last updated: 9 January, 2012