The SADC Training Pack

This is the home page of the training pack developed to support training in statistics based on the SADC harmonised syllabus. These materials were developed for the benefit of the staff of the National Statistics Systems of the Member States and students of statistics in the SADC region.

The training contained in this pack is aimed at increasing statistical skills and the understanding of basic statistics among statisticians and students of statistics. The approach adopted is mainly problem based. This means that the training starts with the specification of a relevant problem and he/she is challenged to find suitable answers to the problem. The process of finding those answers is supported by the training materials which will direct the trainee towards the relevant statistical concepts and techniques that are needed in solving the problem.

At the start of the Basic Level we assume no knowledge of statistics. Students who successfully complete the course would have developed skills and knowledge on a par with the UK Royal Statistical Society's Higher Certificate.

These materials have been developed to be used, shared, reproduced and adapted by trainers and trainees throughout the world. Feel free to copy and distribute! There are some specific conditions that apply, these are spelt out here.

The structure of the training pack

The training pack mirrors the structure of the harmonised syllabus developed by SADC. It is divided into three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Higher. Each level contains a number of modules that are courses in specific areas of statistics. Each course is divided into sessions, each containing enough material for roughly three hours of work, excluding assignments or self-study time.

In order to access the training materials in this website:

Documentation for trainers

A series of trainers guides and notes for trainers have been prepared for each module. They can be found in the pages for the corresponding modules. An overall trainers gude has also been prepared and can be seen by clicking here.


This Training Pack is navigated using your web browser. If you are experiencing difficulties, e.g. some pages do not load, you may need to update your browser. You can do this by going to the Resources page and selecting Firefox web browser.

Video-lectures and demonstrations

This Training Pack includes materials that use the browser add-ins 'FlashPlayer' and 'Shockwave'. If they are missing from your computer, go to Resources and install them. If you have an Internet connection, you are advised to check for more up-to-date versions.

Some of the demonstrations use sound (audio). To take advantage of this, you'll require headphones or speakers.

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This training pack is distributed as an Open Educational Resource.
It is offered freely and openly for educators, students and self-learners to use and re-use for teaching, learning and research.
Please read the conditions that apply to the use and reproduction of this material.

Prepared by the Statistical Services Centre University of Reading, UK,
for the Southern Africa Development Community Secretariat
with support from European Union.
Reading, September 2007