Frequently asked questions

The demonstration does not run. Why?

We have found two reasons:

1. You don't have the Flash Player or Shockwave Player installed

To run the demonstrations you need Flash Player or Shockwave Player installed in your computer. These are programs that are needed to run the demonstration. They are free and we have included the installation file under "Resources".

2. You don't have a browser that is capable of running them.

We have found problems with some old versions of browsers when trying to run Flash modules (the demonstrations are Flash modules). We have included a copy of the installation file for Mozilla Firefox that is capable of running the demonstrations after the Flash Reader has been installed. You will find it under "Resources"

I cannot install the Flash Reader. Why?

You need administrator rights in your computer to be able to install any programmes. If your computer is part of a network, you may not be logged in as an administrator. In this case you may need to contact your IT support to install the Flash Reader for you. If you can log in as an administrator, the installation of the Flash Reader should work.

When opening a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file from the DVD, opens in Internet Explorer - not in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Why?

Your browser is opening the files within the browser rather than in a separate window for the word processor, spreadsheet or presentations program. This happens often with Internet Explorer. If this happens to you and you want to open the file in your word processor, right click on the link and choose "save as". Save the file, then open it in the usual way through your word processor or spreadsheet program.

This program is less common to users who have FireFox as their default internet browser. A copy of FireFox installation file is included on the DVD.

My computer does not read DVDs, can I still use the training materials?

Because of the large number of resources included on the training pack we had no option but to use a DVD for distribution. You have the option of using a machine that has a DVD reader and copy ALL the files from the UBOS DVD on to a removable disc (flash drive, pen drive, USB drive, portable hard disk, or whatever name you use for it!). Then the resource pack can be used directly from the removable disk or can be copied on to your own computer or network. Just make sure you copy all the documents and folders into a single folder, so that the hyperlinks continue to work properly.

The demonstration does not have a play or pause control. Why?

All demonstrations have play, pause and stop controls. They may have gone below the bottom end of your screen. Check if you have a scroll bar on the left of your screen, if you do, scroll down and you will find the controls. This happens in monitors that have low resolution.

Can I copy and distribute the materials on the DVD?

Yes you can. In fact, you are encouraged to do so. Please read the terms and conditions of the distribution that make clear what types of use are allowed for these materials. Basically, provided they are used for education and training, that acknowledgement of the sources is given, that any products that derive from them can be distributed freely, and that you don't sell the materials or use them for commercial purposes, you should be fine! Please read the full Commons Licence for the details of the conditions for distribution.

The simulations in the Instat demonstration do not run. Why?

You need to go back to the top folder of the DVD and start up the DVD by double clicking on the file "autorun.exe". Go back to Module 13, Session 13, start the demonstration, and now the simulation should begin.

12 July, 2008

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