Module 1 Session 8: Producing a product portfolio [continued in Session 11]

Learning Objectives

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:


Students first view the slide show 'Producing a product portfolio', then read the project overview. They form teams; each team decides on a topic, determines the objectives, plans the analysis and fills in a data request form. Each team then processes the data, creating tables and graphs in preparation for a presentation using 5 to 10 slides, to be given in Session 12. The work is continued in Session 11.

Session Materials

Session overview (document)

Producing a product portfolio (slide show)

Project overview (document)

Practical 1: Creating a product portfolio (document)

Data request form (pdf)

Resources Required

Dataset: Ugandan National Household Survey 3

Facilitator's Notes


12 July, 2008

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