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Examples of Course Notes

This page provides links to lecture notes, practical exercises and datasets used for a course on the analysis of designed experiments.

An overview of the course strategy and structure is available in both PDF format and standard web format.  The links in the tables below connect to files in PDF format except where stated otherwise.

Part 1: The Everyday Toolkit

Summary Lecture Notes Practical Exercises
Session 1 Review of experimental design ideas Exercise 1
Session 2 Objectives and steps in data analysis Exercise 2
Session 3 Software familiarisation Exercise 3
Session 4 Exploratory analysis Exercise 4
Session 5 Analysis of variance Exercise 5
Session 6 Statistical inference Exercise 6
Session 7 Models Exercise 7
Session 8 Multi-level data Exercise 8
Session 9 Presenting the results Exercise 9

Part 2: Handling Complexities

Summary Lecture Notes Practical Exercises
Session 10 Review of Part 1 Exercise 10
Session 11 Complexities introduced by the design Exercise 11
Session 12 Dealing with categorical data Exercise 12
Session 13 Getting more out of on-farm trials and other multilevel problems Exercise 13
Session 14 Complexities due to the area of application Exercise 14
Session 15 Complexities due the nature of the data Exercise 15
Session 16 Analysis of participants' data  
Session 17 Action plan  

Datasets and Protocols

Below are links to the datasets for the examples used in the practical exercises. The files are all Excel workbooks.

The datasets are provided to give realistic examples for use in training. They are not complete sets of data from the trials. In a few cases some details have been altered in order to make a training point, so the results of the analysis should be used to understand statistical methods rather than to draw conclusions about agroforestry practices.

Dataset Title
Relay planting of Sesbania sesban and maize
Effect of Tithonia diversifolia and Lantana camara mulches on crop yields in farmers fields
Screening of suitable species for three year fallow
Upperstorey/understorey tree management trial
Leucaena trichandra seed production trial
Fruit trees survival
On farm cropping with Sesbania and Gliricidia
Roots and Competition (RAC)
Prototype hedgerow intercropping systems
Fertilizer, Tithonia and Lantana mulch as sources of phosphorus for maize
Calliandra feeding trial
Effects of organic and inorganic sources of nutrients on striga, weeds and maize
The influence of improved fallows on soil phosphorus fractions - an on-farm trial
Improved fallows and rock phosphate: farmers experiences
On-farm trial with improved fallow and inorganic fertilizer
Protocols for the datasets

The corresponding protocols are provided solely for the purpose of describing the data so that a sensible statistical analysis can be done. They do not give a complete record of the trials, and describe only the details necessary for the analysis of the data provided.

30 September, 2005