Ways of War Centre - Staff Members

Dr Mary Lewis - Archaeology

Dr Emma Aston - Classics

Dr Matthew Nicholls - Classics

Dr Katherine Harloe - Classics

Dr Zahra Siddique - Economics

Professor Joel Felix - History

Professor Patrick Major - History

Dr Linda Risso - History

Professor Heike Schmidt - History

Professor Susan Breau - Law

Dr James A Green - Law

Dr Katja Samuel - Law

Professor Andrew Knapp - Modern Languages

Professor Hilary Footitt - Modern Languages

Dr Simona Tobia - Modern Languages

Dr Marjorie Gerhardt - Modern Languages and European Studies

Dr Athena S. Leoussi - Modern Languages and European Studies

Professor Alan Cromartie - Politics

Professor Colin Gray - Politics

Dr Christina Hellmich - Politics

Professor Beatrice Heuser - Politics

Captain Dr David Reindorp Royal Navy - Politics

Dr Geoff Sloan - Politics

Professor Dominik Zaum - Politics

Dr Dave Sloggett - External Research Associate

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