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The Ways of War Centre brings together scholars from every field of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences with a shared serious interest in understanding war. War is collective violence that is perceived as licit; in other words, it is violence shaped by culture. The Centre is committed to the study of the practices, beliefs, and motivations that together have together constituted the phenomenon. Some of us have a background in the study of strategy; others include historians, political scientists, international relations theorists, and international lawyers. We share a hope that better understanding of warfare's past and present may, at the margin, modify its future.

 Forthcoming Events

10/11 July 2017, Brussels, NATO Conference on "The Political Dimensions of Military Exercises", by invitation only: for more information contact Prof. Heuser d.b.g.heuser@reading.ac.uk

30 June 2017, 8:30-15:30, Camberley, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Symposium: 'War Amongst the People: A Critical Assessment' (Programme). Professor Heuser is the keynote speaker. To register, contact Dr Rossi at normarossi@hotmail.it  (Joining Instructions).

 Past Events

2 May 2017, 14:00-16:00, HUMSS 175, Professor emeritus Colin S. Gray will talk about his academic career. All welcome.
1 Feb 2017, 17:00, HUMSS 128, "Languages in post-conflict development: working with NGOs", Professor Hilary Footitt & Dr Wine Tesseur, University of Reading. Seminar Series "Translating Danger Zones",(MLES).For more information, please contact Dr. Tesseur at W.Tesseur@reading.ac.uk here
18 Jan 2017, 17:00, HUMSS 128, "Police interpreting: beyond the existing Codes of ethics", Dr Fabrizio Gallai, University of Bologna.Seminar Series "Translating Danger Zones",(MLES).For more information, please contact Dr. Tesseur at W.Tesseur@reading.ac.uk here

23 Nov 2016, 17:00, HUMSS 128: "Interpreter, advocate, researcher, sister, friend: Reflections on relationships, roles, responsibilities, dangers and privileges when working and researching with asylum seekers and refugees in multilingual contexts", Dr Teresa Piacentini, University of Glasgow. Seminar Series "Translating Danger Zones",(MLES).For more information, please contact Dr. Tesseur at W.Tesseur@reading.ac.uk here

17 Nov 2016, 18:30, Henley Business School G11: "Britain's Wars with France, 1793-1815 and their contributions to the consolidation of its industrial revolution", Professor Patrick K. O'Brien, LSE & St Antony's College, Oxford. For more information, visit www.readingac.uk/events. To book a place, contactevents@reading.ac.uk
9 Nov 2016, 17:00, HUMSS 128: "Translators Without Borders: Communication is aid - but only if delivered in the right language", Sue Fortescue & Farideh Afshari Colthart. Seminar Series "Translating Danger Zones",Department of Modern Languages and European Studies (MLES).For more information, please contact Dr. Tesseur at W.Tesseur@reading.ac.uk here
8 Nov 2016, 18:30, HUMSS Building:"A Tale of Two Battles: Narrating Verdun and the Somme", Professor John Horne, Trinity College Dublin. Annual Lecture to commemorate Armistice Day. For more information, visit www.reading.ac.uk/events. To book a place, contact events@reading.ac.uk

Fri 28 Oct and Sat 29 Oct 2016, 19:30, Minghella Studios, School of Film, Theatre and Television, Whiteknights Campus: "Regulation 18B - No Free Man" a play by Scott W. Wright: How far can civil liberties be suspended in times of war? (School of Law) Standard Tickets £10 and Concession Student Tickets £5. For further information, and to by tickets, see http://www.store.reading.ac.uk/browse/extra_info.asp?compid=2&modid=1&deptid=16&catid=250&prodvarid=388&searchresults=1

26 Oct 2016, 17:00, URS 2s12, "Training field interpreters for humanitarian organisations", Dr Carmen Delgado Luchner, University of Geneva. Seminar Series "Translating Danger Zones",Department of Modern Languages and European Studies (MLES).For more information, please contact Dr. Tesseur at W.Tesseur@reading.ac.uk here
23 Sept 2016, 14:00, URS Building Small Lecture Theatre: "US Disengagement from the Middle East and it consequences", Professor Efraim Inbar, Bar Ilan University. For further information, contact Professor Heuser d.b.g.heuser@reading.ac.uk

21 Sept 2016, 10-13, room HUMSS 127: "Massacres: the deliberate killing of the unarmed", presentation of work in progress by staff and research students from the departments of Archaeology, Classics, History, Modern Languages and Politics/International Relations. All welcome. For further information contact d.b.g.heuser@reading.ac.uk

25 June 2016: Reading Museum: one-day conference 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings (Famous Battles and their Myths), organised by Dr Leoussi and Prof Heuser. For further information contact Dr Leoussi, a.s.leoussi@reading.ac.uk

10 June 2016, 11:00 OWKH G12 Navy Captain Keizo Kitagawa, Japanese Defence Attaché, London:
The Value of Anglo-Japanese Defence Co-operation.
6 June 2016, 16:00 HUMSS 406 Dr Masashi Okuyama (an alumnus of this Department!):
Current Affairs in East Asia
11th May 2016 Symposium sponsored by Joint Warfare and Vedette Consulting. 'To what extent has a robust 'lessons learned' process has been critical to the success of joint warfare in military operations?'

4 May 2016 7:30, RISC, 35 – 59 London Street, Reading RG1 4PS. Tanzania in battle for control of land and food. For mroe information contact Jackie Oversby jackieoversby@gmail.com Register: https://www.facebook.com/events/101712113562780/  

23 March 2016 7:30, Palmer G10 "The War We Don't See"
round tablewithSean McAllister (BAFTA nominated director of The Reluctant Revolutionary and A Syrian Love Story), Elhum Shakerifar (BAFTA nominated producer of The Reluctant Revolutionary and A Syrian Love Story) and Janet Harris (BBC2 This World 'Iraq: Did my son die in vain?', BBC1 Soldier, Husband, Daughter, Dad), Department of Film, Theatre and TV. For more information, contact Dr Purse l.v.purse@reading.ac.uk or Dr Hellmich, c.hellmich@reading.ac.uk
10/11 Mar 2016, by invitation only: "Military Exercises and their political dimensions", workshop organised with the Norwegian Defence Command & Staff College. For further information contact Prof Heuser, d.b.g.heuser@reading.ac.uk
1 Mar 2016, 10:00-11:00, HUMSS 150: Professor Guillaume Piketty, Sciences Po' Paris and Worcester College, Oxford, guest lecture: "The Second World War". For further information contact Prof Heuser, d.b.g.heuser@reading.ac.uk

29 Feb 2016, 16:00-18:00, AGRICULTURE BUILDING, MADEJSKI LECTURE THEATRE: In Conversation with Dr Jamie Shea, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges. For further information contact Dr Linda Risso, l.risso@reading.ac.uk

Sign up here: http://www.reading.ac.uk/events/news-and-events/Events/Event664928.aspx
10 Feb 2016, 17:00, HBS G15: Miles Larner, University of Oxford: "Localising Africa's Cold War: The Katangese Gendarmes and Conflict in Central Africa, 1960-1978". For further information contact Dr Heike Schmidt, h.i.schmidt@reading.ac.uk
26 Feb 2016, 11:00-18:00: PREVENT ON CAMPUS INFORMATION NETWORK Hosted by BISA Critical Studies on Terrorism Working Group and the Ways of War Centre, University of Reading. By Invitation Only. Prevent Event Programme For more information please contact Dr Nadya Ali, n.ali@reading.ac.uk
 28 Jan 2016, 16:00-17:30, HUMSS 110: Air Vice Marshal (ret) Sir Brian Burridge - the UK Strategic Defence and Security Review. All welcome.



For further information, contact Professor Beatrice Heuser (d.b.g.heuser@reading.ac.uk) or Dr Athena Leoussi (a.s.leoussi@reading.ac.uk)

  • War Games and Military Exercises (2016-)
    This joint project with NATO and the Norwegian Defence Command and Staff College addresses the political dimensions of high level command post exercises (sometimes called war games) and military exercises. It explores the difficulties of alliance politics and the political signalling to allies, adversaries and neutrals that form part of such exercises. Exercises also rehearse intended operations; how can we distinguish between routine training and preparations for an invasion?
This project is feeding into the UK Joint Services Publication 822 to be published later this year, into UK Defence Attaché Training, and will lead to a NATO-sponsored conference and publication. For further information, contact Prof. Heuser d.b.g.heuser@reading.ac.uk.
See also http://www.sciencespo.fr/ceri/sites/sciencespo.fr.ceri/files/wargames_bh.pdf
  • Translating in Danger Zones
In a globalised world we are confronted with an increasingly diverse mix of languages and cultures, bringing new challenges to language professions. This series explores the role of language and translation in danger situations, and considers what it takes to work as a translator or interpreter in these contexts. Presented by a mix of practitioners and academics, it will demonstrate how language professions have changed because of these situations, and how translating/interpreting involves more than linguistic knowledge.
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Le Havre,5 September 1944


The first minutes of the attack on Le Havre, 5 September 1944 (The National Archives, WO 223/29)

Find out more about Professor Knapp's research on the Modern Languages and European Studies blog: http://blogs.reading.ac.uk/mles/2014/11/13/knapp-le-havre/

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