Reading Ethics and Political Philosophy (REAPP)

Co-Directors: Dr Patrick Tomlin and Dr Luke Elson



REAPP brings together Reading's moral and political philosophers, primarily working in the Departments of Philosophy and Politics & International Relations.  Sharing a commitment to the methods of analytical philosophy, REAPP's members work together under themes. REAPP acts as a hub for individual scholars to exchange ideas, develop projects, and organize conferences, events, and workshops.


The following faculty are members of REAPP:

Prof. Alan Cromartie - (Politics)

Dr Luke Elson - (Philosophy)

Dr Brian Feltham - (Politics)

Prof. Brad Hooker - (Philosophy)

Dr Robert Jubb - (Politics)

Dr Dimitrios Kyritsis - (Law)

Prof. Catriona McKinnon - (Politics)

Prof. Philip Stratton-Lake - (Philosophy)

Dr Patrick Tomlin - (Politics)


As well as faculty members, we actively encourage postgraduate students to get involved with REAPP. REAPP Postgraduates have their own regular reading group, and are able to organize events with REAPP's backing.


REAPP's members work across a range of issues in moral and political philosophy. However, we have particular overlapping interests in the following themes:


politics and violence

intergenerational justice

ethics and uncertainty

REAPP Events

For more information about REAPP's events (past and future), see here

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