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Dr Damian Raess
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Lecturer in Global Political Economy

Co-convenor of PIM86 - Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods in Politics and International Relations

Areas of Interest:

International and comparative political economy, particularly (i) the design and effectiveness of labour provisions in trade agreements; (ii) globalisation on labour protections in advanced and emerging economies (Western Europe, Germany, Brazil, China); (iii) mass attitudes towards the economic rise of China; (iv) the politics of economic crisis, especially fiscal policy responses; and (v) comparative industrial relations, labour market policies, and welfare state research.

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Publications, by year


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Short Biography

Dr Damian Raess is the coordinator of the interdisciplinary collaborative project "A Social Clause through the Back Door: Labour Provisions in Preferential Trade Agreements" funded by the Swiss Network for International Studies (2014-2016). He has taught at the University of Amsterdam, University of Geneva, Graduate Institute (Geneva), and KU Leuven.

Damian has been awarded a major research grant for his project "BRICS globalization and labor protections" which he will be carrying out over the period 2017-2020 at the University of Bern.


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