Applied Political Theory

The Applied Political Theory theme encompasses work that examines, refines, and applies the normative ideas invoked by broadly liberal people. Its distinctive focus is on the application of these ideas to present-day problems.

Recent and current work includes detailed examinations of global distributive justice, equality and social justice, problems and practices of toleration, climate change, justice between generations, the legitimacy of international organisations, crime and punishment, electoral reform, welfare states and labour markets, and nationalism. The purpose of the theme is to encourage a philosophically-informed engagement with puzzles thrown up by the practice of modern government, at the local and the global level.

The theme draws its methods and materials from a variety of sub-disciplines, including analytic moral philosophy, the history of political thought, comparative politics, comparative political economy and liberal and critical IR.

The members of the theme are:

Professor Alan Cromartie

Dr Daphne Halikiopoulou

Professor Catriona McKinnon

Dr Patrick Tomlin

Dr Tim Vlandas

Dr Dominik Zaum

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