Liberal Way of War Staff Members

The Liberal Way of War team is committed to cross- and interdisciplinary study of the phenomenon of war (as waged by 'liberal' states) within the widest possible cultural context. We are:

Professor Alan Cromartie        Political Theory, History of Political Thought

Dr Robert Barnidge                  International Law

Professor Hilary Footitt          Contemporary History/European Culture

Professor Sandy Ghandhi        Human Rights Law

Professor Colin Gray               Strategy

Professor Andrew Knapp         Contemporary History/European Culture

Professor Chris Lord               Politics and foreign policy of European Union

Professor Philip Murphy          Decolonisation, intelligence

Dr Linda Risso                         Cold War, Nato

Dr Geoff Sloan                         Strategy, Geo-politics

Professor Peter Woodward     African and Middle Eastern Politics

Dr Dominik Zaum                    International Relations, United Nations 

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