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Awn Al-HadeedAwnAlHadeed1

I am a student in the University of Reading's International Foundation Programme with Law being my pathway module. Other than Law, my selected modules are Politics and Sociology, both of which relate one way or another to my pathway module. This has enabled me to pursue one of my many passions; Politics. The module so far has been very thought provoking, and everyone seems to have an opinion regardless of the topic, which always gives you an interesting class. I can honestly say that the class I look forward to the most at the beginning of the week is IFP Politics. Our professor, Dr. Dawn Clarke, is absolutely fantastic. She always encourages participation, and is not afraid to raise controversial topics, which is always effective as the debates inevitably heat up.


Yusra KayaniIFPYusra

The Politics module during my Foundation year was a refreshing experience. The module not only covers theoretical basis for a thorough understanding of political ideologies but also has an interactive aspect where students were encouraged to express their opinions on current affairs through debates and discussions almost every week. The experience also helped me during my Bachelor's degree in Law as public speaking and mock trials were essentially encouraged for academic development. I would highly recommend this module to students who are genuinely interested in learning as well as debating about political theories and British and American politics.


Futoon Al-MahruqiFutoon

I am eighteen years old and I am from the Sultanate of Oman. I am part of the IFP, January intake. The modules I am studying are Information Systems & Statistics, Introduction to Business and Management, Academic Skills, and Economics. I chose to major in Politics and International Relations next year because I want to have a better understanding of the most pressing political issues of the world we live in, I also want to get the opportunity to explore the diverse ideologies and theories that shape Politics. I find knowing how our societies and governments are - or should be - run very interesting, I want to have a better understanding of our world, and be able to view the problems around our world from a different perspective.


Doyinsola Ajayi

I am Nigerian and I am rounding up my first year in Politics and International Relations here at the University of Reading. I chose this course because of the sudden interest that grew in my foundation year. Politics and IR I must say is not an 'easy-peasy' but a rather Intense course. Though, like every other course, it has it's challenges; the constant essay writing, presentations in class, participation in class, meeting deadlines and the lots of material to study. But with determination, hard-work, perseverance, fun and continuous communication with my lecturers, I have been able to pull through. This course has made me aware of history which I had little or no knowledge in i.e World War 1 and World War 2, made me think critically about the most accepted form of government Democracy and it's limitations, Introduces me to the key concepts and ideologies which are of benefits to this course and gives me the platform for meaningful debates during seminars. Although it can be challenging, I continue to get support from my lecturers and class mates when I need help. My experience has been great and I cannot wait to be a graduate of the course. Also, I know that my hard-work now will yield positive results in the future.

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