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Through our Policy in Practice sessions we have hosted a distinguished group of speakers hailing from different government departments, NGOs, think tanks and consultancies. These workshops give our students and staff the opportunity to learn about the nature of policy making directly from the policy-making community. These thought-provoking and interactive sessions have inspired our students to focus on specific policy areas and issues and they are actively encouraged to relate these to their own work.


This picture shows our some of our MA in Public Policy students enjoying a sneak peak at a highly confidential audit review from a guest speaker who worked as an influential civil servant. The session proved to be a fascinating insight into the world of the civil service. The sessions are subject to Chatham House rules to allow for open discussions therefore the subject of the review has been censored.

Forthcoming events


12th March 2015 - Policy in Practice Seminar with Tim Yeo, MP


24th March 2015 - Policy in Practice Workshop: Housing asset-based welfare, housing markets and inequality


25th March 2015 - Policy in Practice Workshop: Gendered Violence in Developing Countries

Past events


3rd February 2015 - Policy in Practise Seminar by Dame Helen Ghosh



For further details please contact Aleiah Potter on a.r.b.potter@reading.ac.uk.



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