Longman and Macmillan project

LongmanThis is two-year project, was generously funded with a contribution from the Wolfson Foundation as part of the National Cataloguing Grants Programme for Archives. The project has catalogued and made available the archives of Macmillan and Co. Ltd and the Longman Group, held at the Special Collections Service.

The records of Macmillan and Co. Ltd were acquired by the University in 1964 and the records of the Longman Group in 1975. 

An exhibition of a selection of interesting and important letters, documents and other items from the Longman and Macmillan collections was on display at the Special Collections Service. 

Visit the Macmillan Golden Treasury website for information on the history of the Macmillan company

Longman 2If you would like to consult either the records of Macmillan and Co. Ltd or the records of the Longman Group, please contact us

Project update - Nov 2011

  • Macmillan and Co. Ltd.

The sorting and listing of the collection is now complete and the catalogue is available via Enterprise

  • Longman Group

The volunteers have now completed cataloguing the Longman agreements. We have now begun the process of editing and quality checking the catalogue before it is available via Enterprise







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