Treasures exhibition: framed items and wall case

Framed items Image of untitled painting by Robert Gibbings

Robert John Gibbings (1889-1958)

[Untitled], 1929? [Man in a tree, seen from behind, watching a regatta, possibly in Tahiti.] Signed : RG. Oil on wooden panel. 60 x 40 cm. Presented by Patience Empson, 1999. From the Gibbings Collection (See image shown right).

H.M. Brock (1875-1960) 

[Untitled: Dishes fit for a king(?)] / H M Brock. - [Interior, with three cheerful waiters in matching period costume of red and black doublets, breeches and hose; carrying dishes - peacock pie, another pie, boar's head]. - Pen and ink and watercolour, 25 x 23 cm, mounted and framed. Cf. Original book illustrations, no. 37, Christie's 7 July 1993.

This is the farmer that sowed the corn [...] / H M Brock. - [Overall design comprising a roundel with the farmer broadcasting seed, a horse-drawn plough in the background, right; vignettes of people and animals around; inscribed with the verse]. - Pen and ink and watercolour, 27 x 25 cm, mounted and framed. Original book illustrations no. 38, Christie's 7 July 1993.

Two drawings for Private Bobs and the new recruit, 1901 1. [Untitled] / H M Brock. - [Exterior view: two children (girl and boy) approaching a general on horseback, in a street; three further mounted officers behind]. - Pen and ink, 29 x 19.5 cm, mounted and framed. Label on back of frame: Private Bobs and the new recruit Chap XI page 6 [or rather 126] "Oh General Bobs, Oh Mr General Bobs". 2. [Untitled] / H M Brock. - [Exterior view: two small girls, one with a drum, one a bugle, walking ahead of a groom leading a horse wearing a blanket; country house in background]. - Pen and ink, 29 x 18 cm, mounted and framed. Label on back of frame: Private Bobs Part II Chap 17 "To the sound of Drum and Trumpet".

The above four works are from the H.M. Brock Collection. A full list of the original art work in the Collection is available. Image of Kleine Fabrik by Gerd Arntz

Gerd Arntz (1900-1971)

Kleine Fabrik. 1926. Oil on canvas. 80 x 60 cm. Gerd Arntz : kritische grafiek en beeldstatistiek. Haags Gemeentemuseum, 1976. Oeuvrekatalogus 322 (See image shown right).

Art work from the Records of Chatto & Windus Ltd

Reynolds Stone. Finished art work for the jacket of The buried day 1960.

Charles Mozley. Finished art work for the jacket, front and back, of The sandcastle 1957.

Avigdor Arikha (b. 1929)

Samuel Beckett. 1970. Line etching. Artist's proof.

Samuel Beckett. 1970. Etching. Artist's proof.

(Both items from the Beckett Collection). 

Wall case

The John and Griselda Lewis Collection, purchased with the assistance of the Heritage Lottery Fund, 1998.

Selected sheets from the Collection which consists of some twenty thousand items illustrating the history of printing from the fifteenth century to the present: Image of Christmas card from the John Lewis Printing Collection

  • Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English and German title-pages.
  • German printers' ephemera
  • Miscellaneous English printing and publishing ephemera
  • Publicity of Butler & Tanner, printers of Frome
  • Bookmarks
  • Items from the Keepsake Press

(The University of Reading Special Collections Services also hold the entire Archive of the Keepsake Press).

The image, shown above right, is a Christmas card from the John and Griselda Lewis Collection.

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