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This exhibition took place at the University Library during October 2008. It showcased materials from the University's Special Collections, and the Library's printed and online resources.

The Great Exhibition

Crystal PalaceThe Great Exhibition was held in London, May – October 1851. It was housed in the specially designed Crystal Palace in Hyde Park and attracted over six million visitors. On show were exhibits ranging from fine art and priceless treasures to new items of industrial and agricultural machinery sourced from all over the world.

Patronised by Prince Albert and opened by Queen Victoria, it was a spectacle that had not been witnessed in Britain before. It inspired many varied publications at the time, and its impact has been discussed ever since, thereby leaving a lasting legacy in art and science long after the exhibition had closed.

The exhibition

The Library exhibition focused on the wide range of resources that members of the University Library could use to find out more about the Great Exhibition, and the attitudes surrounding it. Items were exhibited in the Ground Floor display cases from Special Collections, from the University Library’s collections, and also from online resources.

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