Records of Peter Owen Ltd

Peter Owen Ltd was set up in 1951 with the aim to publish "only books of quality" which included first novels, established authors and translations.

The collection contains sorrespondence, including items relating to Marc Chagall, Marlene Dietrich, D.J. Enright, Ronald Hayman, Paul Bowles, Shusaku Endo, Anais Nin, Gerald Scarfe and others. Manuscripts include Autran Dourado's The Bells of Agony, Shusako Endo's Scandal, Robert Liddell's The Aunts and Owen's own book Publishing - The Future.

More information

  • A handlist is available at the Special Collections Service or download a pdf here (221 KB)
  • A full description is available on our online database
  • Manuscript numbers MSS 3627, 3630 
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