Gaberbocchus Press Collection

The Gaberbocchus Press was founded in 1948 by Stefan and Franciszka Themerson and specialised in publishing first English editions of little-known Continental writers, and in providing an independent outlet for unpublished writers and poets in Britain. The books are all notable for their design.

The collection contains the entire output of the Press between 1948 and 1980, and consists of about 80 items. There are also some records of the company.

An exhibition of material from this collection was held at the Special Collections Service, 10 January-29 February 2008.

[Drawing by Franciszka Themerson, courtesy of the Themerson Archive]

More information

  • The book collection is catalogued and appears on Enterprise
  • Manuscript number for the archival materials MS 5272
publishing history, book history, printing history printed books (post-1850) gaberbocchus press

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