Papers of Gladys Easdale

Gladys Easdale (1875-1970) was a friend of the author William Hale White (1831-1913), who wrote as Mark Rutherford. She also became friendly with Leonard and Virginia Woolf who published poetry by her daughter, Joan Adeney Easdale, in 1930 and 1931.

The collection contains parts of the manuscript of the autobiographical novel Middle Age that Gladys Easdale had published in 1935. The correspondence includes some copies of letters to and from Mark Rutherford (1906-1909) and many letters from her daughter Joan and her son Brian, a composer, and from Samuel J. Looker of the publishing firm Constable. Included also are general typed and holograph manuscripts of stories by Gladys Easdale and Joan Adeney Easdale and an early account of her life written in 1904 at the request of Mark Rutherford. A number of photographs and negatives are also included.

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  • A handlist of the collection is available at the Special Collections Service or to download as a pdf here (156 KB)
  • Manuscript number MS 4991
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