Previous Events

Soil Research Centre Annual Partnership Event

18th November 2015: Healthy Soils for Healthy Lives
10th December 2014: Soils for Secure & Sustainable Societies

Autumn 2015

ESRD Seminar

Dr Ian Davenport, University of Reading, "Recent advances in remote sensing of the land surface"
Thursday, 12th November, 1.00-­2.00 pm Venue: Sorby Room, Wager Building

Summer 2015

June 12th (Allen Lab 110)
Liz Shaw 'Apportioning bacterial carbon source utilization in soil using isotope-Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)'.
Harriet Robson 'Do competitive plant x plant interactions impact rhizosphere microbial community structure and function?'


June 26th (201b Russell Building)
Sarah Duddigan 'The Tea Bag Index: Crowdsourcing in a controlled field experiment'
Mike Bell 'Investigating the environmental controls on decomposition in blanket peat using the Tea Bag Index'


July 10th (201b Russell Building)
Tom Sizmur, 'Using social media to enhance Research Profile'
Peter Gregory, 'Horizon Scanning opportunities in sustainable intensification'

Spring Term 2015

24th February 2015
Soil Processes in Earth System Models
Sorby Room, Wager Building, 14:00-17:00
Organised by Prof Anne Verhoef and Prof Sandy Harrison, Geography and Environmental Science
12th March 2015
Moving grounds: the reanimation of soil in ecological practices
Dr Maria Puig De La Bellacasa, Lancaster University
Sorby Room, Wager Building, 13:00-14:00
Organised by Prof Mike Goodman, Human Environments Research Group Seminar
23rd April 2015
Soil Research at the Crop Research Unit
Seminar and field visit to University of Reading Farm at Sonning
Organised by Dr John Hammond, School of Agriculture Policy and Development

Events 2014

15th October 2014
Restoring Biodiversity and Functions into Soils and Ecosystems
Prof Mark Tibbett, Cranfield University
Frank Parkinson Room, Agriculture
Organised by Prof Julian Park, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development

16th October 2014
Phosphate, from rocks, to roots, to rivers
Dr John Hammond, University of Reading
Sorby Room, Wager Building, 13:00-14:00
Organised by Dr Shovon Roy, Earth System Science Research Group Seminar
4th-7th November 2014
Linking below-ground biodiversity and ecosystem function in European forests (BioLink)
Meadow Suite, Park House
Organised by Dr Martin Lukac, EU COST Action

Event programme

13th November 2014
Sensitive processes in the terrestrial-aquatic-atmospheric C continuum
Professor Susan Waldron, University of Glasgow
Sorby Room, Wager Building, 13:00-14:00
Organised by Dr Shovon Roy, Earth System Science Research Group Seminar

10th December 2014
First Annual Soil Research Centre Stakeholder Event
Palmer Building, 12:00-16:30
Organised by Dr Joanna Clark and Holly Owens


10th December 2014
Soil Research Centre Annual Lecture
Palmer Building, 16:30-18:00
Organised by Dr Joanna Clark, Sponsored by British Society of Soil Science

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